Sustanon 350

Testosterone Propionate
40 mg/ml
Testosterone Phenylpropionate
85 mg/ml
Testosterone Isocaproate
85 mg/ml
Testosterone Decanoate
140 mg/ml

Test C300

Testosterone Cypionate

This product is an optimal one for courses aimed at significant gain of muscle bulk. It combines well with both, oral and injectable versions of metandienone, as well as with nandrolones of any type.

Test E300

Testosterone Enanthate
300mg / ml

Testosterone Enanthate is very similar to Testosterone with the Cypionate ester, and really, in most respects, the two are interchangeable.

Test P125

Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate is Widely used in bodybuilding steroid Test-Prop 125 that is taken in almost every cycle. Being the basic steroid, this drug has important impact in the growth and development of body muscles.